Yui Komori Cosplay ~ [Diabolik Lovers]

Here you can see all my Yui Komori costumes. She's a character that is pretty important to me. Some kind of a soulmate. It's always a lot of fun to wear the costumes! I´m a little M and so it´s the perfekt role for me XD


Hier könnt ihr all meine Yui Komori Kostüme sehen. Sie ist ein Charakter der mir inzwischen auch sehr wichtig geworden ist. Es macht mir sehr viel Spaß in "ihrer"  Haut zu stecken, da in mir ja auch ein kleiner M ist. ;)

Photo by LightmagicalLady
Photo by LightmagicalLady

Hi i´m Lizzybella ^^

I'm cosplayer from germany since 2003. I love to embody the different characters.
I love acting, it's the perfect hobby for me.

You can see my costumes of Yui Komori and other serie, movie and anime charakters here, as well as some other interesting things from time to time.

Also i love made fandubs and talk radio play. Thats my hobby to.

And I dance ballet, since January 2014. I love it!

Greez Bella